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We know your little one is now starting to recognize things around and stay curious about things. Get your child to learn about different animals friends, objects and amazing facts about them.

ARVidhya flashcards helps your child Develop

Fine Motor Skills
Play-based Learning
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Unique Features

Augmented Reality Learning

Smart kids require smart Contents to learn from. Augmented Reality augments 3D content in your Real World. The 3D audiovisual contents ignite Creativity, Curiosity, Imagination and Play-based learning in kids helping them to become Smarter and Excel Faster. The 3D Interactive contents have higher Retention potential than 2D rhymes promoting Long-Term Learning and Improving Memory.

Interactions and Audio Narrations

The Augmented Reality 3D contents have always something new to Explore. Tap the Objects for Animating them and listen to their Sound. Tap on the card to listen to the Phonics and learn the Pronunciation of Letters and Words. Listen to the amazing facinating facts about each content and improve your General Knowledge.

Family Learning

We believe, for a child, Education is a triangle between Teachers-Students-Parents. The curiosity and creativity which will arise in the child due to interactive flash cards promotes discussion and quality time with family. The social sharing feature allows sharing of the AR experiences with relatives and friends. You can take photo of yourself with your faverate content and share the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My app is stuck at Welcome page, what should I do?

You are either not connected to Internet or your phone needs time to to enter into the AR world.

Where Is My Activation Code?

You can find the activation code on the activation card. The card is in one of the sheet provided at the end.

What should I do after the camera screen appears?

Watch the flash cards or downloaded imaged from the camera of app to see the contents coming live. To download target images visit and

What does the camera button do?

Camera button clicks the photo and automatically gives the sharing option, select where and whom you want to share and go ahead.

My Camera button is not working?

While installing the app you need to allow all the permissions asked by the application.

My Activation Code not working?

Please note that one activation code is valid with only one email Id. If still not working contact our customer support or contact us section below.